Rhythmic gymnastics <br> team uniforms

Rhythmic gymnastics
team uniforms

Create bright images with SOLO

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Newly designed OB10.S

Newly designed OB10.S

Anti-microbial synthetic rhythmic gymnastics half shoes

Synthetic rhythmic gymnastics half shoes.
The fabric used in production of OB10.S is treated with anti-microbial additive, which does capture unpleasant odors.

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Dance and choreography

Dance and choreography

Leotards, skirts, shrugs, etc.

Browse the «Dance and choreography» section to find specialized garments for dance, classic ballet and choreography.

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Collection of the apparel <br> decorated with crystals

Collection of the apparel
decorated with crystals

SOLO is proud to introduce the Flight collection design

New sparkling crystals are purchased from a well-known European manufacturer. Holographic foil design. Three types of items featuring the Flight collection design are available

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1 Rhythmic gymnastics <br> team uniforms
2 Newly designed OB10.S
3 Dance and choreography
4 Collection of the apparel <br> decorated with crystals

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