Terms and conditions (the Terms)

  1. General terms

1.1. Terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) apply to the web site «solorussia.com» located at https://solorussia.com.

1.2. The web site «solorussia.com» (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) is a property of OOO Manufaktura Malyugina company (hereinafter referred to as “us”, “we”,”our”, the “Company”).

1.3. These Terms apply to relations between the administration of the Site(hereinafter referred to as the Administration) and all visitors, users and others who access or use the Site.

1.4. The Administration of the Site reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to modify, revise or replace any paragraph of these Terms at any time.

1.5. The usage of the Site conditioned on the Users’ acceptance of and compliance with modifications made in the Terms.

1.6. The Users bear personal liability for monitoring changes in the Terms.


  1. Definitions

2.1. Definitions below used for the purposes of the Terms:

2.1.1. «Solorussia.com» is a website which domain name is https://solorussia.com.  «Solorussia.com» performs activities by means of the website and related internet supplementary service (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”).

2.1.2. «Solorussia.com» is a website which contains information about products and/or services and/or other values for user, vendor and/or service provider and enables making  a choice of products,  order and/or purchase of  products and/or services.

2.1.3. The Administration of the Site is a group of employees, who acts on behalf of OOO Manufaktura Malyugina company and authorized to run the Site.

2.1.4. Consumers, visitors and users of the Site (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) is an individual, who implements an Internet-based access to the Site and use the Site.

2.1.5. The website content (hereinafter referred to as the «Content”) is a copyright intellectual property  including texts materials, their titles, introductory notes, artworks, other materials including graphics, text content, derived photographic content, composed content and other content, user interfaces, visual interfaces, brand names, logos as well as design, structure, selection, coordination, look and feel, general style, a layout of the Сontent on the Site and all intellectual property  items contained on the Site jointly and/or severely.


  1. Subject of  the Terms

3.1. The Subject of Terms is a grant access for the User to the products or services available on the Site.

3.1.1. The following services are available on the Site:

An access to a web-based content free of charge;

An access to the information about Products or services;

3.1.2. All the currently available services (genuinely functioning) as well as all modifications of them and also newly added services fall within the scope of the Terms.

3.2. Access to the Site is free of charge

3.3. These Terms constitute a public offer. By accessing or using the Site you agree to be bound by the Terms.

3.4. Use of the Content and the services of the Site is carried out under the Russian Federation laws, statutes, codes, rules, regulations and requirements currently in force.


  1. Rights and obligations

4.1. The Administration of the Site has a right to:

4.1.1. Update or change terms of use of the Site as well as any content of the Site. Updates or changes of the Site are in effect immediately after a new edition of the Terms is posted on the Site.

4.2. The User has a right to:

4.2.1. Use all services available on the Site and purchase any of  the Products and/or Services offered on the Site.

4.2.2. Query regarding services of the Site using one of methods below:

Phone: 8 495 727 37 83

email: transit@swimsolo.ru

4.2.3. Use the Site solely for the aims and the arrangements specified in the Terms and not prohibited by the current legalization of the Russian Federation.

4.2.4. Demand from the Administration of the Site to withhold any personal information of the User

4.2.5. Use information from the Site for personal and non-commercial purposes.

4.3. The User of the Site is obliged to:

4.3.1. Provide upon request of the Administration additional information pertaining directly to the provision of the Services

4.3.2. Respect property and non-property rights of content creators and other copyright holders while using the Site.

4.3.3. Not to undertake actions, these may be considered disruptive and leading to malfunction of the Site.

4.3.4. Not to distribute through the Site any confidential information and information protected by the law of Russian Federation about individuals or legal entities.

4.3.5. Avoid any actions, which may lead to violation of confidentiality of the information protected by the law of Russian Federation.

4.3.6. Not to distribute any marketing materials through the Site without the consent of the Administration.

4.3.7. Ensure that information submitted is reliable.

4.3.8. Prevent your personal information from unauthorized access of third parties

4.4. It is prohibited for User to:

4.4.1. Copy any information presented on the Site

4.4.2. Use any devices, software, procedures, algorithms and methods, automations devices or equivalent manual processes aiming to access ,obtain, copy or track the Content posted on the Site.

4.4.3. Interrupt proper functionality of the Site

4.4.4. Bypass the navigation structure of the Site by any means, which are not specifically used by services of the Site, in order to access or to attempt to access to any information, documentary or any other content.

4.4.5. Get unauthorized access to the services of the Site, other systems and networks, which are connected to the Site, as well as well as any other services available on the Site.

4.4.6. Breach security or authentication system of the Site or other networks, which are connected to the Site.

4.4.7. Perform reverse lookup, track or attempt to track any information about any other User of the Site.

4.4.8. Use the Site and the Content for any purpose that is prohibited by the current legalization of the Russian Federation as well as to abet to any other actions unlawful by these Terms or violating the rights of any third parties.


  1. The Site usage

5.1. The Administration owns and operates The Site and the Site content.

5.2. The Site content is protected by the copyright, trademark legislation, as well as other rights related to intellectual property and by the legislation of the Russian Federation on unfair competition.

5.3. Acquisition of products and/or services available on the Site may require a creation of the User account.

5.4. The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and all activities that occur under your account

5.5. The User must immediately inform the Administration about the facts of unauthorized account usage or password or any other violations of security features.

5.6. The Administration reserve the rights unilaterally terminate the User account if the User account hasn’t been used for more than 36 months without a notification

5.7. The Terms are binding all supplemental provisions and terms of acquisition by the customer of products and/or services offered on the Site.

5.8. The information posted on the Site shall not be interpreted as update of these Terms.

5.9. The Administration reserves the right to update the list of products and services available on the Site and their prices without a notification

5.10. The Usage of the Site by the User is regulated and covered by The Privacy Policy indicated in paragraph 5.11.1 of the Terms.

5.11.1. See the Privacy Policy at  https://www.solorussia.com/privacy

5.12. Privacy Policy indicated in paragraph 5.11.1. of the Terms may be updated. Updates come into force after being posted on the Site.


  1. Responsibility

6.1. The Site Administration does not compensate to the User any damage accrued in cases of intentional or unintentional disruption of any provisions of these Terms as well as in cases of an authorized access to other User means of communications. 

6.2. The Administration of the Site is not responsible for:

6.2.1. Delays and disruptions of  transactions conduction which accrued due to force majeure as well as due to technical faults in any of interfacing systems including telecommunication systems, computer systems, electric power systems.

6.2.2. Operations provided by Money transfer services, banks, payments system as well as transaction delays due to their malfunctioning.

6.2.3. Malfunctioning of the Site due to the User lack of technological facilities necessary for proper performance of the Site as well as bearing responsibility for providing the User with these facilities.  


  1. Breach of these Terms

7.1. The Site Administration has a right to disclose the User personal information if required or allowed by current legalization of Russian Federation.

7.2. The Administration has a right to deny and/or restrict access to the Site without prior notice, if the User violates the Terms or terms contained in the other documents as well as to deny or restrict access to the Site in case of occurrence of any problems or technical malfunction.

7.3. The Administration is not liable to the User or third parties for the Site access termination if the User violates the Terms or terms of the Site usage contained in the other documents.

7.4. Administration has a right to disclose any information collected about the User of the Site if disclosure is necessary due to an investigation or complaints about misuse of the Site or due to identifying the User, who may violate and interfere the Administration rights or other Users rights.

7.5. The Administration may disclose any information about the User, which the Administration considered necessary for enforcement of the provisions of the law or an obtained court judgments, ensure the compliance with the Terms, protection of the rights and the security of the company and the Users.


  1. Settlement of disputes

8.1. Before applying to the court with a claim for disputes arising from the relationship between the Site User and the Site Administration, it is mandatory to file a claim (a written proposal for the voluntary settlement of the dispute).

8.2. The receiver of the claim shall notify the applicant by writing within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of receipt of the claim about the results of the examination of the claim.

8.3. If the agreement is not reached, the dispute will be referred to the court in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

8.4. A legal action relating to the Terms must be brought within 5 (five) calendar days since the cause of action has occurred, excluding facts of the protection of copyrighted content of the Site protected by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. If  a breach of the condition mentioned previously occurred, curt leaves the claim undecided.


  1. Additional terms

9.1. The Administration of the Site does not accept crossing suggestions about updates of these Terms.

9.2. The User reviews which are posted on the Site are not confidential and may be used by the Administration in its absolute discretion.


Legal information about OOO Manufaktura Malyugina:

TIN 5007032466

RRC 500701001

PSRN 1025001102610


Last updated: December 24th, 2020

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